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In the interest of promoting extensions for the Google Chrome browser, I am going to feature extensions that I am using.

Today’s extension is the RSS Subscription extension. From the time Chrome launched, I have been wishing I could subscribe to RSS feeds easier. I was constantly finding something I wanted to subscribe to while browsing in Chrome, and I had to copy the URL to Firefox in order to subscribe. Considering I use Google Reader for my subscriptions, I found it odd that I couldn’t easily get to it from Chrome. If I were to click on an RSS feed or an XML file, I would get a big jumble containing the entire feed in a very unreadable layout.

Enter the RSS Subscription extension. It determines if there is a feed on a given page, and if there is, it places the traditional orange RSS icon in the browser location bar. This is a default feature for every other browser, so it makes it fairly easy to adopt. I have used the new tool successfully on a number of occasions. I found that if I go directly to a feed I still get the jumbled mess, but if I stick with the browser bar icon I have had a lot more success.

I recommend this extension. Since Google wrote this one, I am very willing to trust it. As of the time of this writing, 49,914 people agree with me that this extension is worth having. If you missed the link above, you can type chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser to find the extension gallery, or you can just click here to go directly to the installation page.

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