Since I have been using Twitter, I have been using a product called HootSuite. Initially I had several Twitter accounts for my various interests, and needed a place from which to do all my tweets. Hootsuite quickly stood out among the crowd, and I have been a user ever since.

HootSuite allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, and offers interaction with Twitter from a centralized location. It even has an RSS tool that will tweet your RSS feed. The service is easy to navigate, and while it does have some ads, they are discreet and I don’t always notice them.

One of the features I like is the “Hootlet” bookmarklet. By simply dragging an icon into my browser bookmark bar I have quick access to HootSuite no matter what page I am on. It creates a short URL for me and I can post my tweet and move on. I have used this feature quite a bit.

With an easy to use interface, a convenient bookmarklet, a URL shortener, and most of the features I can get on Twitter’s own site it is easy to see why I like HootSuite. I haven’t seen anything about the new Twitter lists, but I figure it won’t be too long before it is added. Until then, I will be happily tweeting away with one of my favorite tweeters.

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