iGoogle Social Gadgets


I think I might have an answer to my previous post. Google is introducing Social Gadgets to iGoogle. I am thinking that as Google tries to popularize its social networking venture Friend Connect it wants to make use of iGoogle as a portal. Google announces its new social gadgets here. See the image below for a quick look.


A lot of the gadgets remind me of gadgets for Google Wave, so I am not sure why the sudden push on iGoogle. We know that at least for now, Android apps won’t work on Wave. Some existing iGoogle gadgets do work on Wave. Perhaps Google is going to make gadgets behave a little more universally. Time will tell.

The purpose of the iGoogle gadgets, according to Google, is to enjoy your content and share it with your friends. Going through the “tour” I am getting closer to the conclusion that this has a lot to do with Google’s social networking push. iGoogle as a portal sounds like a good idea. I am interested in seeing where this goes.

Check some of these gadgets out and let me know what you think.


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  • http://lawmedia.pepperdine.edu/solis/ David

    I like the idea of social gadgets but Facebook is (even though posts can be public) a closed system. Relationships aren’t cross-platform open. How does Google get critical mass without turning this on for every gmail customer (which would probably annoy most of them)?

  • http://jdpadgett.com Jared

    I would hope that Google lets you opt in rather than forcing it onto Gmail users. I can see it being useful as an add-on though.