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Recently both the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 added Facebook functionality to their consoles. Both are useful, yet different. When I first heard that Facebook was coming to the consoles, the first thing I thought of was letting my games send status updates, or in the case of Twitter, send tweets to my Facebook account when I beat a game or earn a game trophy. So far the PS3 meets this early expectation.

There are three options available for letting your PS3 post status updates to Facebook. First, you can show off your trophies every time you sync with the PlayStation Network. Second, you can trust the game developer to post updates for game-specific purposes. The third option allows the PS3 to announce games or videos you have downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Of these three, only choices one and three are immediately available. Option two needs to be developed for future releases.

I am using the first option. See the below image for an example of how this looks in action.


I am pretty happy with this feature. I think it is a little random though. It doesn’t seem to show my most recent trophies. A few times it has shown the same trophies even though I had earned new ones. Overall, this feature is the one I want most for Facebook, and it works well enough for me.

I think the developer option sounds interesting, but I would want to know what would be updated and how often. I can see this one getting out of hand and flooding my Facebook status updates.

The third option I don’t really see myself using that much. I suppose it would have been cool to announce it when I bought The Force Unleashed, but other than that, there aren’t any games I feel absolutely compelled to publish to Facebook about. This is not to say that there are no good games. I just don’t know that this feature is for me.

Sony has announced that this is just the beginning for Facebook integration. It also stresses the fact that by using the built-in browser you could always access Facebook and Twitter. Most of the consumers agree that the browser doesn’t really make it all that worthwhile. The rumored Firefox capability might change this however.

So, there you have it. A basic review of the new PS3 integration with Facebook. Check it out, and let me know which features you will use or have been using.

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