The Force Unleashed 2

The Force Unleashed is officially back with a sequel. Check out the video below:

The first Force Unleashed game had its problems, but it also excelled in ways previously unmatched in the Star Wars universe. I ended up with the game on my cell phone, Wii, and Xbox 360. I am already looking into the special edition for my new PS3. I think this game was undervalued by the critics. I just read an article at PC World where the author was so out of touch I decided not to link to his bad review. The reason the game was hyped was because it was that cool. Everyone wanted to be a Sith Lord and blast everyone and everything to oblivion. It was a Star Wars geek’s dream.

The sequel seems to be set after the events of the first game, where Starkiller was presumably dead. It seems he is involved in a gladiator ring, and has to fight a huge monster. Evidently the dark and light sides of the force are pulling at him, with Darth Vader and Yoda trying to sway him.

For a teaser, it wasn’t a bad video. The game is coming in December of 2010. That’s the problem with teasers. Now I have to wait a whole year. I am really looking forward to it though.

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