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I saw a commercial last night advertising a Windows Phone at AT&T. I wasn’t too impressed by the commercial, with the icons of various apps trying to sneak into a meeting and finally getting caught and getting approving smiles from everyone. Once they showed the phone and announced it as the Windows Phone on AT&T, my first thought was that they must be trying to compete with Google’s Nexus One, which has until recently been called the Google Phone. My next thought was, why hasn’t this been talked about by the mainstream blogs?

I looked it up on AT&T this morning and it was nowhere to be found. I did a couple of searches and then found an Engadget post about a confusing Windows Phone commercial. It turns out that this is just a new commercial from Microsoft, and it is just as confusing as the one Engadget talked about.

I looked up Windows Phone on Microsoft’s website and found a much more informative page. Check it out here. There are the basic advertisements you would expect to find, and some decent graphics on the page. There is a clearly marked section to look for phones that support Windows Phone, which is the new name for Windows Mobile. The search was easy to use, and you could choose which options you were looking for, and even the carrier.

So, another mystery solved, thanks to Engadget, whose blog post I should have remembered from October.

Here is the commercial on YouTube. Evidently Microsoft made a version for Verizon too.

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