Xperia X10 at the FCC

I have been waiting for a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone for a long time now. The Xperia X1 was initially only sold overseas. When it finally came to the U.S. it was for a ridiculous amount of money. I was not about to pay $800 for a phone, no matter how cool it was. So, I have been patiently waiting for it to come down in price. In the meantime, the Xperia X2 hit the news. So far it is delayed until early next year. While we were all excited Sony Ericsson announced another phone in the Xperia line – the Xperia X10, their first Android phone.

While I figured the X2 would drive down the price of the X1, I was instantly interested in getting the X10. I have wanted an Android phone since Android was first launched. I am a huge Sony Ericsson fan, so one might be able to guess I am pretty excited about being able to have both products at once.

As I poured over the specs of the Xperia X10, it looked promising that AT&T would be capable of running it. Most of the other bloggers were predicting an AT&T release. I was really looking forward to getting this phone early if AT&T would subsidize it.

The Xperia X10 finally made it to the FCC. According to Engadget the phone is ready for T-Mobile. T-Mobile? Really? That makes two phones now in the same week that are high on my wish list that are being either pushed toward T-Mobile or have specific compatibility with T-Mobile. I am not a fan of T-Mobile. I have yet to hear a T-Mobile customer tell me how great their service is. Why are they able to bring in the coolest phones? That is a great mystery to me.

I am hoping that AT&T figures out how to offer the X10, and hopefully in a better arrangement than the Nexus One, which will only use Edge on AT&T though T-Mobile will offer 3G. I am keenly interested in this phone, so I will post updates as things continue to develop.

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