Apple Announces Tablet

The Apple tablet has a name, and it is not iSlate. Despite the rumors, speculation, and even the popular vote by a certain fan base, Apple named its tablet the iPad. It makes since, with iPod being so popular. I think they could have gone for a flashier name though. It sounds so boring for a relatively cool device.

The iPad fits most of the rumored specs though. It looks like an iPhone on steroids, as expected. In his announcement, Steve Jobs said that this is the best way to experience the web. I wonder about that. The iPhone is pretty slick online, so maybe he has a point. More likely than not, it is simply a fun way to be online. Laptops and desktops are more capable of providing web content, especially since the iPad doesn’t support Flash.

Here is a video to give you an idea what the iPad is.

As I said before, it’s pretty cool, huh? Designed to be somewhere between a laptop and a smartphone, this device could be pretty fun to use. There would be a lot of good reasons to use it, but since it can’t replace a notebook, it is more of a novelty than anything. A fun novelty, but a novelty nonetheless.

The 3G agreement with AT&T is interesting to me. For $30, the same price as the iPhone data plan, you can get 3G coverage on the iPad. The iPad isn’t a phone. Since Google just added Google Voice to the iPhone, it seems like the iPad is in a great position to use this new service. Add to that the fact that a VOIP app was just launched on the iPhone, and one can really see the potential for smartphones, and even the iPad, to usher in a new way of doing business for mobile carriers.

Interestingly enough, the iPhone exclusivity contract appears to remain intact, for now. There was speculation that there would be an announcement today regarding that, but it seems that the iPad was the topic of interest today. I’m sure its only a matter of time before Verizon gets the iPhone.

All in all, the iPad looks like a pretty solid product. I could have plenty of fun on it. The large wave of incoming Android devices will give this iPad a run for its money. I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of this product. If nothing else, Apple is certainly good at spurring innovation among other firms. Let’s hope the other guys are up to the task.

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