Upcoming Google Nexus One Press Conference

The day has finally arrived. Google is expected to announce its Nexus One. Wouldn’t it be funny if Google was really announcing something altogether different? Considering some of the more recent news I would say that is unlikely, though it would be a great time for a practical joke.

The Nexus One, an HTC phone with Google’s idea of what Android should be. Lots of rumors have been floating around. Some lucky folks have even gotten to play with one. Gizmodo posted an image of a web page that Google has since taken down, which looks like it may have simply been released a bit too early. It is the official Nexus One page with purchasing information, a version of which has been floating around lately in the blogosphere.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement. I’m hoping for an AT&T subsidy, but I won’t hold my breath. I don’t want to keep rehashing the same old material, so I will post again tomorrow after the announcement.

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