Digital Signage Expo Day 1

I am at the Digital Signage Expo and Out of Home Networking event in Las Vegas. I have seen a lot of interesting things, and some familiar faces so far. The classes have been good, and the vendors have had lots of fun things to look at, from video walls to screen goo, to interactive digital signs. I enjoy coming to this show each year. It is no CES, but I’ll take what I can get.

Digital Signage Expo

Photo Courtesy of Digital Signage Expo

One of the fun things I found was a convenient “Blogger’s Lounge” with Free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Muzak. As I sat there working (and blogging), the music being played was really enjoyable. Looking at their website I can’t find too much information, so hopefully they have a booth I can check out while I’m here.

Here are some highlights from today. I met with Samsung regarding a video wall idea we are pursuing, and will be meeting with LG, Sharp and Sony tomorrow hopefully. They were understandably pretty busy. Casio has a pretty cool LED projector that will be hitting Best Buy in April. Only $799, not bad for a projector. It seems that lamp free projectors are going to be hitting the mainstream this year. Casio’s rep was pretty defensive when I mentioned I saw Samsung’s first. He went from denying they had one to admitting that the last he had heard (at CES) was that they didn’t have a price or release date.

I met with other familiar faces is signage, Dynasign among them. I actually ended up meeting its President at a luncheon. There are a couple of newcomers this year, or at least new to me. Some of them have really fun products. I am going to talk to a guy tomorrow about an interactive floor display. It looks pretty cool and was fun to play with. I can see it being a great stress reducer in most settings.

One thing that bothered me a little today was the promise of a free book since I was one of the first 50 full conference registrants. The ticket said what booth to go to and when, and even mentioned when the author would be there to sign it. I don’t know what the book is about, so the autograph would be superfluous. The problem was that the books were nowhere to be found. I was told that the author was bringing them at a time later than the program suggested he would have been leaving by. I finally had to move on to other things. Like I said, I don’t know what the book is about, but a free book is a free book, right?

I had an interesting session regarding mobile communication. Most of the conversation dealt with specific reasons to add SMS or MMS to a digital sign, but there were a lot of alternative uses discussed as well. One of the speakers was from LiveNation, and he talked a lot about how they use SMS now in their concerts and events. The last concert I went to had a raffle based on text messaging, so I had experienced first-hand what this guy was talking about.

All in all, today was a pretty productive day. I was able to look at a lot of the up-and-coming technologies available in the digital signage industry, as well as some interesting software. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s events.

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