The e-Reader Wars

The e-Reader Wars begin this week, or so Apple would like you to believe. This week marks the release of the much-hyped iPad. It is being touted by Steve Jobs and Co. as the end all device. It is certainly a fun looking toy, but in the end it is a tablet. Can a tablet substitute for a good e-Reader? Let’s find out.

This is the kickoff post to a brief e-reader series. I will be looking at the big names like Sony, Kindle, and iPad, as well as some lesser known names like JooJoo and Alex. Is e-Ink superior? Is a tablet computer superior? Interestingly, Alex offers both. Another question I will explore is whether or not e-Readers and tablets are comparable, or even competitors. My inclination is that this is apples and oranges here. I will be testing Kindle on the iPhone in anticipation of the iPad, and offering reviews of some of the devices I have played with, as well as those I want to play with. Hopefully this will be as fun as I am hoping. Let the e-Reader Wars commence.

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