Xperia X10 News

Yesterday I ran across something that indicated a possible March 18 release date for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I got pretty excited, considering the rumor that it would come to AT&T in April or May. I figured two to six weeks early wouldn’t be a bad thing. I searched and searched yesterday and couldn’t find any collaboration on the March 18 release date.

Android Phone Phans posted an update on the Xperia X10 today. Evidently the March 18 date was accurate, but was not a U.S. release date. According to their post it is heading to Taiwan tomorrow. Who knows when it will finally make it to the U.S. I really hope that the AT&T rumor pans out though. I’ve been delaying my phone upgrade since October. I suppose I could settle for the X10 mini pro, but I would much rather have the full-size version.

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