Netflix Offers Discount for Wii

I mentioned in a post last week that Netflix discs shipped out for the Nintendo Wii Console. I got an e-mail from Netflix that added another incentive to use the service. I don’t know if they sent an e-mail to all of their customers, but I was offered 10% off my Netflix bill for activating my Wii disc. See the screenshot below.

Having already activated the disc this was good news for me. I am always happy about getting an unexpected discount. Hopefully this was system-wide, so all their Wii-loving customers can benefit. I am curious about the deal though. Why didn’t I get a similar deal for my PS3 or Xbox 360? Maybe Nintendo got a little less press from this? Maybe Nintendo’s display capabilities make it less of a favorite? I am certainly happy to get the discount for activating it on my Wii, though. Let me know if you received it or not. I am interested in seeing how far this campaign goes.

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