Is AT&T Prepping for the Xperia X10?

I was browsing the AT&T Wireless website and found something odd. Actually it was what I didn’t find that interested me. Sony Ericsson’s cell phone offerings at AT&T are down to a single phone, the W518a feature phone. Conspicuously missing is the Cyber-shot phone (C905a), the only phone AT&T carried with an 8MP camera. The X10, as we know, has an 8MP camera, so now I am really curious.

When watching waves at the beach, the coming wave draws water back to sea, effectively preparing for the wave to crash. Is this what is going on with AT&T? Is the lack of Sony Ericsson choices a sign of a new phone, perhaps the X10? One can only hope.

Perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part. I have stalled my renewal since October of 2009 in order to be ready for the Android phone of my desire, the Xperia X10. My current phone the Sony Ericsson W580i has seen better days. It has taken a beating over the last few months but is still remarkably functional. I don’t know if it will last until July, when the Xperia is rumored to hit the US though. Let’s hope that this is a sign of things to come. I really need to replace my phone. Plus, AT&T promised 5 Android phones by June, a target it clearly missed.

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  • Kati

    yes, let’s hope it’s soon…..your phone is so sad…