Is the HTC Aria AT&T’s Next Android Phone?

AT&T announced back in January that it would be releasing 5 Android phones in the first half of 2010. Today is May 27, and so far only one phone has been released, the Backflip from Motorola. The Dell Aero has been announced, but has yet to be released. The third Android phone has not been formally announced, but since everyone else is talking about it I thought I would too. As we know from AT&T’s announcement, three of the 5 Android phones will be from Motorola, Dell, and HTC. We never learned what HTC was bringing to the table, until now, at least if the rumor pans out.

Phonedog has announced the HTC Aria will be unveiled on June 7 by AT&T. June 7 isn’t so far away, so we should know soon enough if this rumor pans out.

While everyone initially assumed that Google’s Nexus One would be one of the five AT&T phones, it was never offered by AT&T directly. Considering the fact that the Nexus One was replaced by the Droid Incredible on Verizon, it would stand to reason that an HTC Aria would come to AT&T as an alternative to the Nexus One. We won’t know for sure until at least June 7, if even then.

As soon as more details emerge I will be posting about it. Until then, cross your fingers. This could be a really good phone.

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