AT&T’s Android Selection Growing

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The HTC Aria launched officially on AT&T today, expanding by 100% its current Android selection. AT&T now has two Android phones to choose from, ranged from $99 to $129, after rebates and with a 2-year contract.

The Motorola Backflip was a very forgettable launch into Android territory. The design is certainly different, but it doesn’t really seem to appeal to many people. The buttons are hard to press, so I would be afraid of breaking the phone for all the pressure I have to put on the keys to type.

The HTC Aria looks like a pretty decent phone, but the small screen might make typing a little difficult. I’ll give it a shot and discuss it in a later post.

Next in line is the Samsung Captivate, which is the first high-end Android device AT&T will carry. There is no word on pricing or availability though, so AT&T’s current selection remains at two devices. The Dell Aero was announced and subsequently went MIA, so we’re no closer to knowing when that one will be made available either.

With June in its final days, AT&T has two of the 5 promised Android phones in the first half of 2010. Two more on deck with no release in sight, and two non-AT&T devices in the periphery (Google/HTC Nexus One and Dell Streak), it looks like it may finally be a good year to be with AT&T. If only AT&T would get serious about what its customers really want.

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