HootSuite 5 Is Live

HootSuite just upgraded to a new version. HootSuite 5 features an HTML5-enhanced interface, geo-search, integrated Google Analytics, and native Twitter Re-Tweets.

When logging in to HootSuite, you get a helpful popup explaining all the new features. See the image below.

The geo-search feature pretty much works as it sounds. If someone has enabled geo-location, HootSuite lets you search for those tweets in a specific area. It can be useful for finding local news, restaurants, or events.

HootSuite now lets you choose how you re-tweet. You can do it the old fashioned way by typing RT, as always. You can now use Twitter’s new native re-tweet feature though, if that is more your style. I personally prefer the old method, since it is easier to append comments to a re-tweet. HootSuite conveniently tweeted about enabling the old re-tweet function. “Click the Owl > Settings > Preferences > Uncheck ‘Use Twitter Web retweets’.”

Sharing pictures in your tweets is now as easy as dragging an image from your desktop into the message box. HootSuite shares the image with an Ow.ly shortened URL. Google Analytics can now be viewed on the dashboard rather than on a separate page. HootSuite is also boasting faster speeds, better Facebook integration, and new themes.

I think the new site looks great. I’ve been using HootSuite as long as I’ve been using Twitter, and have always enjoyed the service. It was sometimes hard to find things, but the new layout fixes a lot of things. If you haven’t tried HootSuite yet, give it a try. If you are a current user, things just got better. I am looking forward to seeing what else HootSuite comes up with.

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  • http://blog.hootsuite.com Dave O from HootSuite

    Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm about the new release — we’re pretty stoked here too (in the office littered with pizza boxes and empty cans).

  • http://jdpadgett.com Jared

    No Problem. I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.