HTC Aria: AT&T’s Best Kept Secret?

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As I mentioned yesterday, 4 of the 6 AT&T employees I talked to hadn’t heard of the HTC Aria. Today, a Best Buy employee had the same problem. With Best Buy it is a little easier to understand, there being a much larger inventory and all. Something that has been bugging me for a couple of days though is the Android ad from AT&T on local LA radio stations.

The radio ads feature the spokesperson discussing the merits of the Motorola Backflip, taking great care to point out that it is AT&T’s first Android phone. Conspicuously missing is a mention of the second Android phone, the HTC Aria. The Backflip did so poorly, it is now on sale for $49 with a new contract. It was $99 two days ago. Why is the Aria getting so little play?

As the customer service rep mentioned yesterday, AT&T has been pretty busy lately with iPhone tasks. Why was the Aria left out to dry though? It is a really solid phone, currently the best Android phone AT&T carries. Yes, the iPhone 4 is a big deal, but I think the Aria deserves a fair shake. It seems that AT&T wants to just sweep it under the rug.

Hopefully I’m wrong about this. Hopefully the Aria will get some love from AT&T after the first few weeks of iPhone fever start to wind down. We’ll have to wait and see. The Aria is on my list of recommended phones, and I just bought one tonight for my wife. It is a quality phone at a reasonable price. Come on AT&T, let’s get the word out here.

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