iOS 4 Installation Notes

My wife installed iOS 4 on her iPhone 3G this afternoon. It took more than an hour, and in the end she didn’t see any noticeable change. I asked about the folders, and various other features that were supposed to be there, but she couldn’t see anything that had changed. The one thing she did see was a different image for the calculator app. Evidently the phone also crashed after the update and had to be powered down before it would work.

I took a look at the phone and couldn’t see anything that I had expected to find. I knew that the 3G wouldn’t get a lot of action out of iOS 4, but I really expected to see something different. I figured folders were a safe enough bet, so I thought I’d start there.

I searched Google for instructions on using the new folders. It was easy enough to find. To use folders, you press an app icon for a few seconds as if you were going to move or delete it. You then drag the icon onto another icon that you want it to share a folder with. It then opens a folder and attempts to name it for you based on the apps selected. If you don’t name it correctly right away, it takes a bit of effort to change it. I recommend naming it the first time around. You are limited to 12 apps in a folder though, which is odd. My kids have a ton of apps, which evidently amounts to 25, since I filled two folders and had an app left over. I noticed as I was filling the folders though that if the app you are moving is the last one on its row, and the folder is on the row above or below, it is nearly impossible to place the item in the folder. The phone thinks you want to swap their locations and the icons dance all over the screen. I had to move an alternate app to the bottom so I could transfer from the side. That seemed to work pretty consistently.

Other than that, I am not sure how the device improved. Words with Friends had some glitches, but other than that everything else seemed to be working at first glance. I’ll keep playing with it to see what has changed. Surely there will be something worth posting about in the near future.

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  • Kati

    Whoop-ee…thanks Apple. Once again, low man on the totem pole gets the short end of the stick. Frankly….an hour wasted. I almost got giddy when it crashed…thinking a new phone was in my future even sooner. If the kids didn’t like it so much as a mini-computer…I’d run it over with the car once a new phone was in hand.

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