Samsung i897 Has a Name

According to BGR, the Samsung i897 is called the Samsung Captivate. Another Samsung is on deck, the Eternity II (a597). With no official word from AT&T, we don’t know if this is part of the promised 1st half of 2010 lineup or something coming further down the road. Hopefully we will get some answers on June 7.

BGR also confirmed with their source that the HTC Aria is on deck as well. That makes up to five new Android phones in the queue – The HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate, Samsung Eternity II, Dell Aero, and Dell Streak. Add the rumored Xperia X10 and it looks like AT&T will finally be on board with Android this year. It’s about time. As the phones have yet to be formally announced though, I won’t give AT&T credit until the phones actually launch. Let’s go AT&T, the boat already left the dock. You’re really late.

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