Sony Ericsson Announces Mash-App

Sony Ericsson announced a new service yesterday called Mash-App. Mash-App is currently a compilation web app and will soon be available as an Android app. It allows you to collect your favorite Android apps in one place and share them with friends. It is designed to help introduce the multitude of useful Android apps to specifically Sony Ericsson customers, but also to the entire Android community.

To use the site, you create a “Mash-App.” You choose a name, search for at least two useful or complimentary apps, write a description, and add tags. Others can then look at what you’ve mashed together and explore apps they may not have seen yet. It is a pretty simple concept, and I think it could prove to be quite useful.

Some of the currently featured mashes include camera and photo apps, tools and productivity, and games. Some keep it simple and just highlight someone’s favorites. Others show a theme, like the tools & productivity mash. The home page features a search box, categories sorted by popularity and time, as well as popular tags. It also shows you how many people “like” the mash-app.

I think this was a great idea on Sony Ericsson’s part. It is simple, but it can become pretty powerful. It is definitely the sort of page an Android rookie should stop by to learn about all the apps Android has to offer. Android pros have something to gain too. Go ahead, give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

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