Wave This

Wave This

Google announced a new feature on its Wave blog on Monday. “Wave This” is now available as a Chrome Extension, a Bookmarklet, and a button. When you are on a page you like, click Wave This and the title and URL will be added to a new wave. This follows in the footsteps of Buzz This or ReTweet buttons that are frequently seen on blogs. I used the Chrome extension last night for a post and it worked as advertised.

The bookmarklet is available on Firefox and Safari, as well as Chrome. With the Chrome extension you won’t need the bookmarklet though. The extension can be found here. If you want to try out the bookmarklet, go to the Wave blog and drag the link into your bookmark bar.

The button above is active, and can be used to share this post with your friends on Wave. Feel free to try it out. I think this is a really useful tool, and I will be utilizing it for creating waves in the future.

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