Apple Hosting Press Conference About iPhone 4

Apple is hosting a press conference tomorrow, and there is a lot of buzz about what will be announced. The iPhone 4 has been plagued with a number of issues since launch, most notably regarding the antenna. Everyone is assuming that there will be some sort of declaration/apology/denial tomorrow, but nobody is quite sure what to expect.

Some people are giving Consumer Reports credit for the press conference. The withholding of a buy recommendation had to sting Apple quite a bit. Whether or not it was the instigator of the conference remains to be seen.

Among the other problems are a fragile screen, slow apps, and Exchange errors. The antenna has taken precedence in the news stories though, so it is unclear whether the other issues will be addressed or not.

There are two basic possibilities for tomorrow’s conference, with lots of variations available. Either Apple will apologize and lose a substantial amount of credibility or it will continue to deny the problem and still lose a lot of credibility. While I am sure Steve Jobs can and will recover from this, there is a definite weakness in Apple’s armor. There are enough loyal fans to whether a huge backlash in the market, though it may ultimately cause a number of departures.

Rumors of a recall are likely exaggerated. I doubt Jobs will bother. Other rumors include a new free new case for affected customers. I think this is unlikely too. I am inclined to think Apple is heading toward another denial. Let’s hope not, for the sake of Apple’s fans.

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