AT&T Ads Behind the Times

AT&T logo

Every time I hear a radio ad for AT&T lately, the ad is touting an older device rather than the latest and greatest. I am not sure why this is. One radio station in particular was announcing the “brand new Motorola Backflip” the week after the Samsung Captivate was launched. Two phones were added to AT&T’s lineup while the Backflip remained on the ad. Yesterday I heard a commercial for the HTC Aria, again having already been superseded by the Captivate. When Dell’s Streak and Aero launch, I wonder what product will be placed on the ad.

AT&T needs to market the current products on the market, and not old news. Especially when AT&T is paying a DJ/Host to read an ad. How hard is it to change copy? While it is obvious that some of the ads are merely recordings from the first live version, there seem to be a couple of them floating around, indicating some sort of update. Now that the Aria is finally being advertised, it doesn’t look good for an updated ad any time soon. Android devices are big news on AT&T. If it wasn’t, these ads wouldn’t exist at all. Let’s just hope AT&T gets with the program.


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