Consumer Reports Withholds iPhone 4 Recommendation

Since its launch, the iPhone 4 has been plagued by a number of bugs. Apple has bungled the PR on this in a major way. Consumer Reports, the well-known consumer protection group has chimed in a couple of times on the iPhone 4 reception issues. As of June 25, they couldn’t replicate the problem, but they hadn’t done their thorough testing. Today, however, they officially withheld their recommendation. Pending a product recall to fix the antenna problem, Consumer Reports is not endorsing the iPhone 4.

Check out their video below:

AT&T has caught a lot of bad press about bad service and dropped calls over the years. While some of it is deserved, a lot of it may indeed be Apple’s fault. Apple has admitted that they have calculated signal bars incorrectly from the beginning. This already clears some of AT&T’s name a bit. When Consumer Reports tested other AT&T phones against the iPhone 4, the problems weren’t there. This means that AT&T actually provides some level of consistency while the iPhone 4 has the problem. Their quick fix? Duct tape, or some other non-conductive tape. This is clearly a bit of jest, since the real recommendation is a recall.

While there have been many voices of dissent during this iPhone antenna crisis, Consumer Reports withholding a recommendation is notable. Perhaps Steve Jobs will start listening now rather than continue to deny the existence of a problem.

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