Launch Day – T-Mobile and Verizon

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, if you are a T-Mobile or Verizon customer. The Motorola Droid X and Samsung Vibrant are available on their respective networks. The Vibrant was supposed to launch on the 21st, but as things go, T-Mobile had an opportunity to steal some of Verizon’s thunder and the devices are launching on the same day.

Both phones have a 1GHz processor, substantial on-board and expandable memory, and Android 2.1. The Droid X is a little bigger and has a better camera. It also has had a pretty extensive marketing campaign behind it. I imagine it will do better today than the Vibrant. The Vibrant is nothing to scoff at though. It is a pretty powerful phone in its own right.

Today marks the beginning of the Galaxy S diaspora across the carriers. AT&T will release the Captivate next week, followed sometime this summer by Sprint and Verizon. Hopefully there will be some more phones from AT&T soon, since it is the most tight-lipped about the coming months.

Are you waiting in line overnight like the Apple fanboys? While I am sure someone is doing this, it seems Apple is the only one capable of that kind of ultimate devotion. It will be interesting to see the sales numbers at the end of the day though, especially in light of the iPhone 4’s dominance and high rate of failure.

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