Netflix Adds Search to PS3

Netflix announced an update for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console’s iteration of its streaming service. The PS3 will now be able to search through Netflix movie titles, a first for a gaming console.

“Sony is the first of the game consoles to adopt this new software from Netflix, so if you’re a PS3 user, you can now search for a movie or TV episode on your TV via your PS3. No need to go back to your computer to add it to your Queue.”

Greg Peters, VP of product development

Since Microsoft currently boasts the best Netflix app on a console, this is good news for PS3 owners. There are rumors of a disc-less Netflix experience also coming to the PS3, so this might level the playing field a bit.

Adding movies to your queue is going to be really convenient. Netflix is able to upgrade its software on your device, so updates like this are going to become more commonplace. Peters advises us to “stay tuned” for more updates. I will be staying tuned, and I will post about any new developments.

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