Samsung Captivate Available on AT&T Today

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AT&T now carries the Samsung Captivate. This is AT&T’s third Android device. It’s also the second one that AT&T has made difficult to find upon launch, at least online. As of 9:30 am (Pacific) this morning, the Samsung Captivate does not show up under the Android section on AT&T’s website.

To find it, you have to wait for the second banner on the home page, which you may or may not see if you are using Google Chrome as a browser. I was unable to see any banners. Switching to Firefox, the banner was cleverly hidden behind an iPhone 4 banner.

One would think that on launch day, the Captivate could catch a break. Evidently not. It turns out you can find the phone by using AT&T’s search filters. You have to narrow it down by Samsung and PDA/Smartphone. If you click Samsung and Android, it isn’t there. If you search only by Android, it isn’t there. Before I found the banner, I did a search on AT&T’s site. I found the press release stating that it is “coming soon”, and there was a “Buy Now” button there. So, if you are willing to hunt for it, you can find the phone on AT&T. I am going to test the call centers and my local AT&T store again, since they didn’t know about the HTC Aria after it launched. Hopefully they’ve heard of the Captivate.

While it is clear that the iPhone is AT&T’s flagship device, it is interesting that it takes other firms to do the proper marketing for other popular devices. Go to, for example, and you see the following banner ad, front and center.

The Samsung Captivate is a big deal. It is the most powerful Android device in AT&T’s lineup. Yet, the launch fizzled. Again. AT&T is continuing to disappoint, unfortunately. It needs to start taking Android seriously.

If you are looking for the Captivate, you can find it here. I’d get it from though, where you can save $50.

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