Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Phone Promo Videos

Samsung has a number of Galaxy S based phones coming out soon from each of the major US carriers. AT&T will carry the Samsung Captivate on July 18. T-Mobile will carry the Samsung Vibrant on July 15. Verizon will carry the Samsung Fascinate on an as yet undisclosed date. Sprint will carry the Samsung Epic 4G, also on an as yet undisclosed date.

Samsung held an event in New York shortly after announcing the lineup. The official site of the Galaxy S series was announced at that time. On it are the promo videos for each of the phones. The promos are nearly identical from one carrier to the next. As the videos have been popping up as brand new on other blogs, I figured I’d post them all here in one place. You can see the similarities for yourself. Enjoy.

Samsung Captivate

Samsung Vibrant

Samsung Fascinate

Samsung Epic 4G

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