Google Kisses Wave Goodbye

Google Wave

Last year Google announced a revolutionary new product at its I/O conference. Google Wave was described as what e-mail would look like if it was invented today. It looked amazing on stage, and nerds everywhere got excited. After lingering on the sidelines for way too long, Google announced today that it is pulling the plug.

Google reasoned that in spite of all the coolness, not enough people got on board. I would say that had a lot to do with the extended invitation-only period. By the time the world was offered Wave it was too late. People had moved on. Wave never got to realize its potential.

Google says it plans to continue supporting the website until the end of the year. It will also maintain portions of the code for use in other projects. Some of the coolest features like the character-by-character live typing and drag and drop features have already been released as open source. Google will be releasing tools to allow you to export your Wave content as well.

While I appreciate the steps Google is taking to gracefully fade out Wave, I am disappointed that the plug has been pulled so soon. When Buzz was released it looked like some of Wave’s features were included, specifically the real-time updates on every Buzz instance. Parts of Wave are going to continue to live on, so it will be interesting to see what comes next.

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