Now THIS is the Droid You’re Looking For

I am not a Verizon customer, and I doubt I ever will be, for a variety of reasons. If I ever were to switch to Verizon though, this phone might be the very reason I did. And yes, I know I’m a nerd.

Motorola Droid2- R2D2 Edition

Details are pretty scarce right now, but it looks like an R2D2 edition of the Droid 2 is coming soon. Verizon has a teaser site (pictured above) here. So far all you can do is sign up for a mailing list and find the @DroidLanding Twitter account. The page is pretty annoying to navigate though, as the site buzzes Operation-style when your mouse hits the wrong area. I’d just look at the picture above unless you really want to join the mailing list.

The general understanding is that this will be a limited edition phone, and I imagine it will sell out pretty fast. As more details emerge I will cover it here.

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