Shopkick and Cheapest iPad Don’t Mix


I went to Best Buy tonight and figured I would take the opportunity to test out Shopkick while I was there. I took the iPad I am testing out into the store with me and tried to check in. No dice. I was told I needed to connect to the internet. I looked for a Wi-Fi hotspot, figuring that Best Buy would have one. It didn’t. I was in the Best Buy looking like a total nerd holding an iPad that couldn’t connect to the internet. So much for that test. Evidently you need the iPad with 3G if you want to use Shopkick at Best Buy.

Based on the site, you get points simply for walking into a participating store. There was no mention of an active internet connection. Assuming the product works as advertised, I figure it is possible that my local Best Buy is not participating in the program. I’ll have to look into it.

Anyone else have better luck? Let me know in the comments.

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