Voice Actions – First Impressions

I spent some time checking out Voice Actions this weekend. Having watched the intro video, I tried a couple of the specific types of search, and for the most part it worked really well. Here are my initial impressions.

I first tested the map search. I said “Find Disneyland.” It did. I got a map of Anaheim and it showed me where Disneyland is. So far, so good. I next said “Find current location.” It got pretty close. I’d had similar trouble with GPS over the last couple weeks as I tested out different phones. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a good thing that the phone doesn’t know precisely where it is. It usually doesn’t take long for GPS to correct this problem, but I didn’t get to test this particular phone long enough to find out if it was working.

Finding things on a map was pretty fun. I next tried out the navigation options. I said “Navigate: Universal Studios Hollywood.” Sure enough, the navigation app came up and started the navigation from my current location with Universal Studios Hollywood as my destination.

I figured the next test should be a phone call. I tried to call my cell phone, but it didn’t work. It did open the phone book pretty close to my name, but it didn’t auto-dial. I will give this a bit of time then try again.

Overall, the product worked as advertised. While there was a bug with the call feature, the rest of them worked fairly well. If you haven’t tried it yet, I think it is definitely worth a shot. I can easily see Voice Actions as the primary way I use my phone.

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