Xperia X10 $80 at Wirefly

Sony Ericsson

I went to Wirefly to see if they had the Xperia X10 on sale yet, and I was greeted with the following banner.

Free activation sounds good to me, as it is nearly $40 now. I clicked the banner and saw the AT&T lineup, including the Xperia X10. I clicked the link and was greeted with a $79.99 price for new customers. I crossed my fingers and clicked the upgrade price. $79.99. I was stoked. Click the image below for a larger view.

I tried to start the order process, but the AT&T side of things got a bit mangled. It looks like to upgrade on Wirefly you have to do both phones if you have a family plan, or call it in. I didn’t want to try messing with my plan since my wife already upgraded. I opted to call it in. Turns out the office is closed. I have to wait until 10:00 am EST until I can try again. Fortunately that means 7:00 AM PST, so I can call in a few hours.

Impatient fellow that I am, I tried I didn’t find the phone but I did find out more about the free activation promo. Apparently it is running from the 15th through the 31st of August. I am definitely taking AT&T up on this offer. I just have to wait until the morning to try again.

I am not sure if my experience tonight with Wirefly is typical or not. I know that it offers some of the lowest prices around though, so I’d like to do business there. After my phone call I will post a brief review of Wirefly’s customer service. I figure there’s no better way to review a firm than to become a customer, so fortunately the phone I want is now available.

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