Google Revamps Phone Site

Now that Google has discontinued the Nexus One, it now has another use for the Google Phone site. Going to now shows you available Android phones on all the major carriers. Not every phone is represented, though. See the below image for Google’s explanation.

This says that the phones must be Google optimized – for search, voice search, Google Talk, Google Maps, Gmail, Sync, YouTube, and optionally Android Market. There are some phones noticeably off the list, even though they meet these requirements. The Xperia X10 is one of these phones. I was surprised to find it not there. I am wondering if there is also a minimum Android 2.1 requirement.

You can search the page for the phone you are interested in, or you can narrow down your options with the choices on the left margin. You can compare phones before you choose as well. Once you’ve chosen your phone you will be able to set up your account from the carrier’s site. This is a pretty convenient way to shop for a phone.

If you are in the market for an Android phone, be sure to check it out. It could be really useful.

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