iPhone 3G Owners Left in the Cold….Again

iOS 4.1 was launched today, and a lot of iPhone 3G owners were excited about it. iOS 4 tanked the 3G version of the phone in a major way, and this update was supposed to fix a lot of the bugs. It also offered some cool extras like the new Game Center. Turns out it was another carrot dangled and then yanked away.

At first glance, it looks like the update does solve a lot of the buggy lag issues, and the phone runs a bit faster. That was the primary fix, so Apple deserves credit there. I looked for Game Center immediately after installing the update and couldn’t find it. I searched, I went to the App Store and searched again, and never found it. I then Googled it and found out Game Center was not part of the iPhone 3G update. iPhone 3G owners don’t get to experience it.

I tried to check out Ping in the iTunes app, but you have to enable it on the PC or Mac first. Having already done so on another computer I didn’t try it tonight. Ping works well enough on the desktop, if you are into social networking through iTunes. It is supposed to be a lot easier to use on the iPhone however.

There were supposed to be some Bluetooth bug fixes in this update as well. iOS 4.1 in theory can better connect to a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. I haven’t seen the need to use a keyboard with a cell phone, so I never noticed the original problem.

There have been rumors that Jobs saw the iPhone 3G incompatibilities up front and chose not to stop it. I would hope that was not the case. Either way, there has been little talk, let alone an admission of the problem until recently. Now that the “fix” is here, it looks like the iPhone 3G is way beyond the back burner. The burner’s flame is off. It is now an antique. I’m not sure how long Apple will attempt to mask this, but it would be better to just admit it and move on.

If you have an iPhone 3G, at least you have a little better experience navigating your phone and using the occasional app. I converted my wife’s iPhone 3G into an iPod Touch and replaced the phone with the HTC Aria when I got the chance, having seen the writing on the wall. We never had a good experience with the device as a phone, but it handled apps well. That is until iOS 4.0. It is a great way to entertain the kids on road trips. We probably should have bought a real iPod Touch. I think we’d have been happier.

Are you stuck with an iPhone 3G? Are you able to upgrade soon? I hope so, for your sake. It would be pretty frustrating to tote around a brick for any measure of time. Let me know in the comments.

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