Is 3-D Worth It?

I was in a Sony Style store the other day and checked out their 3-D televisions. I’ve had my doubts about whether or not it was worth the effort to get into the 3-D game. I usually don’t mind 3-D in special theme park auditoriums, but haven’t found much use for the frequent releases in movie theaters. I was even less interested in bringing 3-D into my home.

I put on the glasses and turned them on. It was weird having to turn on 3-D glasses, but I figured it must mean they do something different. A short moment later I was watching a polar bear swimming straight toward me. I could see the movement of the bear’s muscles and the ripple of fur as it moved. The picture was incredibly crisp, and I found myself pleasantly surprised at the quality of the picture.

As good as the picture quality is, I still find myself asking why I would want this in my home. There is still the problem of not having enough glasses for inviting friends to a movie night or to watch a Sunday game. There is also the issue of limited content. If the movie isn’t filmed in 3-D, I’m not too interested in a converted copy.

At the end of the day, I think if I end up with a 3-D it will only be because it happened to be a feature on the TV that is the right price and the right size for my living room. I might even use the feature from time to time, and the PS3 is already geared to play 3-D content. I just don’t see myself getting too excited about purchasing the next 3-D film for my collection. Now a 3-D hologram would be another story. I could get behind that, watching a movie on my coffee table and being able to walk around Gondor in The Lord of the Rings or some other spectacular digital world. Until then, I am still waiting and watching. Evidently I am not alone, as the 3-D televisions worldwide are offering incentive after incentive to get people to buy.

What about you? Has the 3-D bug bit you yet? Let me know in the comments.

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