OnLive Adds Wi-Fi Support

OnLive announced an update to its gaming service, and it is a welcome announcement. It is now offering Wi-Fi gaming.

My earlier attempts at using the service have been for naught. First my T3 “may not be good enough to provide good video quality.” Then, I had to have a wired connection to connect. I pretty much gave up on the service after that, since it was clear it didn’t support my systems. This Wi-Fi announcement has the potential to change things.

“We’re excited to announce that OnLive Wi-Fi Beta is now available for all members. Using the new Wi-Fi Beta feature is easy. Start the OnLive Game Service as you normally do. A message will pop up letting you know you are using Wi-Fi. Just select “Wi-Fi Beta” and that’s it.”

I was able to successfully log in this time, which is a first. I was immediately greeted with an error message about connection speed. I may not have a T3 at home, but I don’t have a slow connection. I did notice some grainy images and video, so I’m not sure what it will take to make the service work correctly. Hopefully you have better luck than I did.

Ideally the Wi-Fi feature means this service can reach more people. Having failed multiple times to actually use the service, I think I’ll stick with console gaming for now.

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