Sony Launches New Reader Line

Sony has announced the next generation of its Reader line. Each of its Reader devices is getting a makeover, slimming down, trimming weight, and sharing a high-quality touch screen.

While the devices each have their own specialties, there were some across-the-board upgrades as well. These upgrades include intuitive content zoom; adjustable contrast and brightness control; and automatic multiple page creation. Users can now use photos as a screen saver and can sort favorite books into a group.

The new Readers are loaded with dictionaries. Among them are the New Oxford American Dictionary, Second Edition and Oxford Dictionary of English eDictionaries, and 10 translation dictionaries including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Previously only available on the Reader Touch and Reader Daily Editions, there is now a touch screen on the Reader Pocket Edition. All three devices feature an improved optical touch screen specifically designed for screen reading. This is designed to improve clarity and improve the user experience. Using a finger or stylus, pages can easily be turned with a slight touch.

The Reader Pocket Edition features a 5″ screen and 2GB internal memory. It can be purchased for $179. The Reader Touch Edition features a 6″ screen and the same 2GB of internal memory. It is expandable to 32GB and can play mp3 and AAC files. You can purchase the Reader Touch Edition for $229. The Reader Daily Edition features a 7″ screen and a wireless connection to Sony’s Reader Store using 3G from AT&T. New to the Daily Edition are additional Wi-Fi features and basic Web browsing. It features 2GB of internal memory and is also expandable to 32GB. The Reader Daily Edition will be available for around $299. The Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Touch Edition can be pre-ordered now at Sony Style. They ship September 16. The Reader Daily Edition should be out in time for the holidays.

While Amazon beat Sony to the punch on the slimmer Kindle design, Sony packed its Readers with new features that should stand out significantly among the other e-Readers. With a broad range of content and features, the Sony Readers easily rise to the top of the e-Reader genre. They are definitely worth checking out. You can view the full press release

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