Verizon Waiting On Windows Phone 7

Verizon made some news in a way not so complimentary to Microsoft. It appears that Verizon won’t have any Windows Phone 7 devices until the middle of 2011. Considering the vast array of Android devices at Verizon, this isn’t surprising.

Microsoft has been playing catch-up for a long time in a number of areas. Internet Explorer 9 is finally going to attempt to join the rest of the browsers with standards compliance. Windows Phone 7 is finally going to be available, a year after it lost its place to Apple and Google. Even the Kinect is going to take a back seat to Sony’s PlayStation Move. While Verizon claims its relationship with Microsoft remains strong, this news doesn’t seem like Verizon is playing too nice. I don’t really see how Verizon needs to though.

It is good to see Microsoft making an attempt here. Microsoft has been trying to convince customers that it is still relevant, in a manner similar to Blockbuster as it crumbled under Netflix. Windows Phone 7 looks like a big deal, but is it too late? I’m sure there will always be some market for Windows phones. Palm and Nokia have managed to hang onto many of their fans. I think this bodes well for Microsoft. Only time will tell though.

What do you think? Too little, too late? Does Microsoft have a chance? Let me know in the comments.

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