Windows Phone 7 the next iPhone “killer”?

Microsoft pulled a gutsy move today.  To celebrate the release of Windows Phone 7 the firm held a funeral march for the iPhone and Blackberry. It is bad enough when the media calls something an iPhone killer.  For Microsoft to do it is somewhat amusing.  Sure it was a great publicity stunt, but nobody is really expecting Windows Phone 7 to pull Microsoft out of its rut.

This “funeral” procession was the first time Microsoft really hit the radar since it killed its own Kin. With Citrix and other apps available on other operating systems, it is a good time to be on a non-Microsoft smartphone. Whether you prefer iPhone or Android, or even Blackberry, it is likely you won’t miss Windows at all. Can Microsoft “kill” the iPhone? That’s probably easier to answer than Microsoft would like. Whether or not the iPhone needs to be killed is a more important question.

The reality is that nobody needs to “kill” the iPhone. It has provided a strong incentive to innovate on the other systems. Innovation and competition is good. Apple will continue to sell iPhones. HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola will continue selling Android phones. They may even produce a Windows phone here and there. It is hard for any firm to kill another device when it is so far removed from the spotlight. So, can Microsoft do it? Doubtful. Time will ultimately tell, though. Do you think Windows Phone 7 can kill the iPhone? Let me know in the comments.

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