Another Symbian Phone Bites the Dust

Symbian has lost another manufacturer. Samsung has announced it will discontinue using Symbian on its phones. This follows closely on the heels of a similar announcement by Sony Ericsson. One by one Symbian is losing manufacturers, even members of the Symbian Foundation.

Symbian has been the dominant OS for a long while, but iOS and Android have been rapidly gaining ground. Gartner is predicting that Android will bump Symbian from the number one slot by 2014. Interestingly Microsoft almost falls off of the same chart. Not too many people rooting for Windows lately.

Symbian has remained popular largely due to the high volumes of cheap cell phones that run it. Some higher-end phones, like the Sony Ericsson Vivaz sport Symbian though. At this point the Vivaz is the last of the Sony Ericsson phones to offer the OS. Being a fan of the Xperia line, I am not too disappointed to know that Android is becoming a big part of Sony Ericsson’s future. Nokia is still holding on firmly, but even Nokia is showing interest in its own spin-off.

Do you have a Symbian phone? Did you just pick up a Vivaz or maybe even a Samsung recently? Hopefully you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Your next phone very well could be sporting iOS or Android.

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