Dish Network Customers Get Google TV Discount

Google TV is upon us. Logitech has announced pricing on the Revue, and Sony will soon officially reveal pricing on new Google TV-compatible televisions. Dish Network customers can choose to use Sony or Logitech to connect to Google TV, and Logitech offers quite the incentive to use the Revue. Dish Network customers can pick up the Logitech Revue for only $179, nearly half off the regular price.

Dish Network can connect to the Logitech Revue a couple of ways. First, the HDMI output from the Dish Network HD receiver connects to the HDMI input on the Revue while the Revue passes the signal to the television. Because the Revue can take wired and wireless internet connections, you can use a patch cable to connect the Dish Network receiver to the internet and connect the Revue to the Wi-Fi.

While using Google TV, the Logitech keyboard can control Dish Network functions. You have the choice to watch TV the old-fashioned way too, using your standard Dish Network remote.

While it would be great to connect to Google TV with your brand new Sony television, the Revue is a more affordable entry-level device. Dish Network makes it even cheaper. I was planning to switch back to Dish Network before the Google I/O conference, and once I learned they were partnering with Google I was all the more eager to switch. I set up my account couple weeks ago and am planning to enjoy the discounted Revue. I’ll be using it at work and at home. I intend to see what I can do with Digital Signage using Google TV. I’ll be posting a review of my testing once it is done.

The Revue will work with other providers, but with the huge discount offered by Dish Network, why not switch over? It has better service anyway, and offers free HD for life. Google TV is icing on the already decadent cake.

You can learn more about Dish Network’s Google TV offering at

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  • Aky2r5

    I purchased the Logitech Revue with Google Tv and I think it’s amazing! Being a DISH Network employee and well as customer I picked it up for the $179 with $4/month fee. It was definitely a steal at that price! You get some addtional functions that nonDISH subscribers can get. Its also got such a sleek design that it looks great in my entertainment center! I can trully say I am in love!