Google TV Gaining Network Support

Google TV is coming this Fall, and it is picking up some speed. Google announced some new partners today.

Along with Sony, Logitech, Best Buy, Dish Network, and Intel, Google now has Turner Broadcasting, NBC, HBO, and the NBA.

These weren’t the only names dropped today. Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix, USA Today, Vevo, Pandora, Napster, Twitter and were among those listed. It looks like Google TV is going to hit the ground running. You can check out some of the apps in the video below.

Google shared some more information about the service as well. Google TV will be based on the Linux version of Chrome, version 5. This means that apps that work on Chrome should work on Google TV. The Android Market will be made available after launch. Google says it will come in early 2011. Google TV will start with Android 2.1, but will get an over-the-air upgrade to make it compatible with the Android Market. This is interesting, as Chrome OS is coming this fall as well. This could be a bridge between Chrome OS and Android, though nothing has been said regarding this possibility.

There are two ways to enjoy Google TV. You can either get a “smart” tv from Sony or soon from other manufacturers, or you can get a companion box, the Logitech Revue for use with your current TV. You’ll be able to use the Revue or your own Android phone as a remote for Google TV, which is a pretty convenient feature.

I’ve been looking forward to Google TV since it was announced at the IO conference. It looks like it will start out pretty strong, and then the doors will open for developers to do what they will with it. Google has said from the beginning that Google TV will be heavily influenced by developers. There is enough flexibility to offer a lot of opportunity. In other words, this should keep getting better. With a pretty strong starting lineup, Google TV apps are going to make TV exciting again. At least that’s the plan. You can learn more at the new Google TV page,

What do you think? Does this blow Apple TV away? What features are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

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