iPad Arriving at AT&T Stores October 28

AT&T has announced that it will carry the iPad in AT&T stores starting October 28. The iPad WiFi and 3G devices will come with the $15 and $25 data plans, with 250MB and 2GB of data respectively. The data plans are contract-free and come with free access to AT&T’s WiFi hotspots.

The iPad is currently only available at Apple stores and online, so this will be big for sales in the retail stores, just in time for Christmas. Since AT&T already sells the iPad, this news isn’t as big for consumers. Verizon managed to make an even bigger splash today. Details on Verizon’s announcement will be provided in another post though.

Are you more likely to buy an iPad now that it will be available in-store? I suppose if you don’t live near an Apple store or aren’t comfortable with online purchases this is pretty exciting news. Most of the die-hard Apple fans already have the iPad though, so I imagine gift sales will be where AT&T benefits from this.

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