Observations in Mobile Phones

Over the course of the weekend I decided to observe the various phones people were using wherever I was. I hadn’t intended to do this, but when someone pulled out his phone to take a picture of something right in front of me I happened to notice it was an HTC Evo. My first thought about that was kudos for using Android. I then decided to look around and see what other people were using.

Of the four or five phones I saw taking photos at the event I was at, I didn’t see any iPhones. I saw one Blackberry, and the rest, including mine, were Android. Incidentally the event was the opening night of the Seaside Highland Games, an annual Scottish heritage celebration. I went to the event the next day, and again observed cell phones, whenever I happened to see them. I went the whole weekend without seeing a single iPhone, until I left the event and encountered some Sunday (American) Football fans in the pub. Even then, I only saw one iPhone.

As I watched NCIS Los Angeles (don’t know why I can’t stop watching that awful spin-off) I noticed an iPhone in use. As I thought about it, iPhones are featured in a lot of television shows and movies. One would think that everybody walks around with iPhones. Where I work, the iPhone is in the majority among the IT staff. I am currently the sole Android user in my department. This would seem to track with the trend I noticed on television. It seems that a lot of the non-tech crowd is into Android, however.

These observations were far from scientific, as I only casually observed phones, and then only when I was close enough to figure out what the phone was. I just found it interesting how common Android phones are in the real world. There are without question a number of influencing factors, of which I am well aware. AT&T seems to do pretty well in Ventura County, but it is the only carrier with the iPhone and I likely encountered a lot of Sprint and Verizon customers over the weekend. I also was around a particular social group, and they may or may not intentionally prefer Android. I could go on about the influencing factors, but I think it is fair enough to say that I wasn’t trying to be scientific here. I was simply enjoying my weekend and made some observations that interested me.

Have you noticed an increase in Android devices in your area? Let me know in the comments.

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