Sony Counting Down to Google TV

The countdown is on at October 12 is Google TV day at Sony.

Sony should be revealing the new Google TV television lineup just about 27 hours from the time of this post. Currently Sony isn’t revealing too many details. You can find their teaser page at If that teaser page isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of rumors to choose from.

Sony Insider revealed some model numbers, screen sizes, and prices the other day. They have since posted an update about pricing. According to Sony Insider, there will be 24, 32, 40, and 46 inch models to choose from, topping out at $1,399 or so. If this is true, then these will be a lot cheaper than I expected. I figured the 46-inch screen would be far more expensive. Sony televisions are usually worth the extra money, but it looks like the Google TV line will be pretty reasonably priced.

To get more information about Google TV, check out You can also watch the counter tick down at

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