AT&T Not Upgrading Xperia Any Time Soon

The Sony Ericsson Facebook page has been updated to address the Eclair upgrade for AT&T customers. The bottom line shouldn’t surprise most of us – it isn’t coming soon. AT&T has refused to comment on the issue, so it was good for Sony Ericsson to explain the issue in a public forum like Facebook.

The reason for the delay make sense, even if it is disappointing. For one, AT&T got the phone last, so the upgrade will roll out in a similar manner. We had hoped to see a bit more good will from AT&T considering the long wait, but our hopes were in vain. AT&T has no interest in serving its customers.

The second reason for a long delay is that AT&T (and FCC?) requires exhaustive testing prior to launch. This was the same reason given for the delay of the Xperia itself. AT&T needs to get over itself at this point and let this upgrade through. AT&T should also inform its employees about what is going on. This is not AT&T’s strong point though.

At some point in the distant future AT&T will get around to upgrading the Xperia OS to Eclair. Hopefully this will be before Honeycomb comes out. Given AT&T’s history, don’t hold your breath. Considering the fact that I will likely be eligible for an upgrade before Eclair comes to AT&T I think it is time to take a serious look at the XDA option. I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to that. I am probably going to hold out a bit longer, but many AT&T customers have already flashed to the Nordic kit to get Eclair early. It comes down to how comfortable you are taking control of your phone.

Perhaps when AT&T sees even its most cautious customers diving into alternatives it will get the hint. The Xperia is my sole tie to AT&T currently. Should Sony Ericsson make a non-GSM Android phone I will be more than happy to move on. If you decide to root, good luck. If not, let’s hope the wait isn’t really as long as it seems. Sony Ericsson will be posting updates to its dedicated Facebook tab. You can find the page here.

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