DISH Network Offers Enhanced Service for Google TV

DISH Network has been heavily advertising its “Enhanced Integration” with Google TV this week. I got two notices in my email on the same day. Having watched the Google TV announcements from the beginning, I knew DISH Network was going to cooperate with Google, but the details were not really known until now.

The most exciting feature is the subsidized price of $179 for the Logitech Revue (see review). Notice I said subsidized, and not discounted. Initially it looked like a simple discount. When I was setting up the Revue at home last weekend I noticed a stipulation: you must sign up for the $4/month “enhanced integration.” Since the unit I was testing was not my personal unit I chose at the time not to sign up since I wanted to make sure I could get the subsidy in the future should I decide to go with the Revue. So what exactly is the enhanced integration all about? Check out the video below, as featured on the Google TV blog.

My first thoughts about the enhanced features is that this is what was advertised with Google TV from the beginning. Devices like the Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV were supposed to cooperate with your cable/satellite provider and let you search and record with your DVR. It looks like DISH Network will be charging for the service that was supposedly standard. This is a little disappointing.

I know $4 doesn’t seem like much to haggle over, but then again, think about all the subscription TV offerings out there: Apple TV, Hulu Plus, Amazon VOD, etc. I already pay for a satellite TV subscription, so why do I need to keep adding other subscriptions? I don’t even subscribe to movie channels like HBO or Showtime, so Hulu Plus and the like are not really an option for me. I am not sure that DISH Network is offering enough value for the $4, especially considering Hulu Plus is going for $10/month.

The bottom line really doesn’t change though. If I want to use Google TV to its full extent I am going to have to subscribe to the DISH Network Google TV package. The whole point of using Google TV is to integrate it with my DVR, in my opinion. I can’t very well do that if DISH is blocking me. The subsidy will reduce the sting a bit though, which helps.

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