Netflix Launches Streaming-Only Plan in the US

Netflix announced its new streaming-only service today. For $7.99, you can watch unlimited streaming video from your internet-capable TV, device, or video game console.

“We are now primarily a streaming video company delivering a wide selection of TV shows and films over the Internet”
Reed Hastings, Netflix Cofounder and CEO

The pricing of the DVD plans is going up by at least $1. The $1 hike is for the one or two disc options. The other ones increase slightly more. See the updated pricing list below for details.

Streaming videos are definitely becoming more popular, and evidently Netflix’s streaming customer base has been growing. Canadian customers already had access to stream-only service. It will be interesting to see how well Netflix does with this new US plan. It would have been nice to see the pricing remain steady, but the increase isn’t terribly steep at the bottom tier.

At $7.99, Netflix is competing directly with Hulu Plus. I think Netflix is the better value between the two, so we’ll see if the market agrees. Netflix’s streaming content is not as extensive as its DVD collection, but according to Netflix the streaming options have been steadily increasing. Even so, I think I am interested in keeping the DVD option a bit longer.

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